The Best Oil for Your Combination Skin

The Best Oil for Your Combination Skin

Having combination skin is actually really common! Most people are oily around the forehead, nose and chin (T-Zone areas) and are dry in the cheeks. Finding one product that tackles both of those issues may be quite challenging since you don't entirely have dry or oily skin. 

Jojoba Oil

As mentioned before, Jojoba Oil has a similar structure as our skin’s sebum. This means that our skin recognises jojoba oil as ‘it’s own’ so it allows jojoba oil to penetrate further into the skin, especially when it comes to combination skin. With combination skin, part of your face (perhaps the T zone area) may be oily, while other parts of your skin are quite dry. This is because your skin is producing excess sebaceous glands in some areas when it should be spread across. Using a product that's very light weight but also similar to the oil our own skin proces can help even out the amount of oil your skin is producing. Some other great things about jojoba oil is that it's the perfect product to use if you are dealing with pimples but also dry patches. This natural oil will target both of these areas even though your entire face isn't oily or dry but both.

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