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Winter beauty prep: protecting your hair & skin from cold weather

Winter is one of the most damaging seasons for your skin and hair. It’s not just frosty air you should be concerned about, either! Cold weather living can diminish your body in a number of ways — some of which might surprise you.

The elements may be against you, but there are plenty of ways you can prep your hair and skincare for winter. We reveal the most common winter weather nasties and some wonderfully nourishing ways to protect against them.

Main causes of winter weather damage

Central heating

Hot radiators might feel blissful when you’re fresh in from the cold but they're prime offenders when it comes to winter damage. The heat draws moisture from the air, causing flaky skin and scalp.

Synthetic knitwear

Although it’s great to layer up against the cold, synthetic fabrics (like polyester and rayon) can hold an electrical charge. Repeatedly pulling these fabrics over your head may cause static to build up in your hair. Don't be tempted to reach for your brush, either — this only makes static worse!

Cold winter air

In winter, the air itself is a threat to your skin and hair. Winter air is extremely dry because it doesn’t hold the same humidity as warm air. Too much outdoor action can cause brittle hair and tight, chapped skin. Leaving the house with wet hair is a no no in winter — it can freeze and break, causing fluffiness and flyaways. 

Haircare and skincare for winter

Facial oils 

Using facial oils after your evening cleanse can help to lock in moisture and repair daily damage. Select a plant-based cosmetic oil to suit your skin type and apply after moisturising. You can also use it in place of a moisturiser or mix a few drops with your cold cream.

Hot oil treatments

Remedy a dry scalp, lengths and ends with a DIY hot oil treatment at home. Organic castor oil and avocado oil are firm favourites for restoring moisture and shine.

Body oils 

It’s not just the skin on your face which needs extra love and care when the weather turns cold. You can help your skin hydrate by applying a body oil to shower-wet skin or after you’ve moisturised.

Finishing oil

Tired of fighting those fluffy lengths and damaged flyaways? You can use ultra-nourishing argan oil as a finishing product for your hair. Warm one or two drops between your palms and comb your fingers gently through the lengths of your hair, smoothing the follicle downwards. 

Nail and cuticle oil

Central heating and cold air wreak havoc on your hands as well as your skin and hair. Massage a drop of jojoba oil into your nails and cuticles twice a day to stop them from getting brittle or sore. 

To start your winter beauty prep, browse our collection of cosmetic oils and find your perfect hair and skincare for winter.
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