About VelvetBio


The idea behind the brand Velvetbio was born after a romantic trip to a Berber Village in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. On a day trip, now husband and wife team, Olga and Boris met the women who harvest and make the Argan oil and were amazed by the multiple benefits the oil can have on ones skin.

This discovery gave us the motivation to start VelvetBio. With further research into the wonderful and rich soil in the area we also discovered the benefits of the Moroccan clay and created our detoxing mud-masks.

Velvetbio sources nourishing and healing ingredients to achieve natural, pure and energising skincare inspired by the power of the nature. Harnessing the purity of natural ingredients, Velvetbio delivers  multi-action products specifically created to help you to prevent damage on your skin, optimise hydration, improve cell turnover and keep your skin glowing. 

Our products are organic, vegan and manufactured by hand to minimise the effect from the processing and to maintain the natural freshness of the ingredients.