Organic Jojoba Oil

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What is it?

This is nature’s best-kept secret now at your service. Extracted from the Moroccan Jojoba seeds, our oil is 100% natural with no added chemicals. Jojoba oil is considered to be the perfect moisturizer. Its consistency is similar to the consistency of the oils produced by the human skin. It's full of antioxidants, minerals and contains vitamin E and B. It’s an amazing solution in case you suffer from acne, dry skin or sunburns.

Once apply our Organic Vegan Jojoba Oil Cold Pressed on your skin for a smoother and softer look. You will feel reinvigorated, all the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin will disappear. It's a great product that slows down your ageing process.


How to use it:

Gently rub 1-3 drops in your hand and press your palms on your face; cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. If you are applying on your body, use the amount of drops suitable for your body and gently smoothen out the oil on your skin.

What is it for?

  • Face
  • Body
  • Breakouts
  • Wrinkles


  • Jojoba oil helps you produce collagen. It's a protein present in your skin and joints, that decreases with the years. This makes it a great anti aging product and it helps you heal faster in case of wounds.
  • An amazing solution in case you suffer from acne, dry skin or sunburns.
  • It’s a great antibacterial and antifungal solution that keeps your skin clear.

Features of this product:

100% organic, pure and free of chemicals

50ml Glass Frosted Bottle with glass dropper

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